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Lhe experience of managing more than 480 hectares of vineyards in the Ribera del Duero and other wine-growing areas of Spain for more than twenty years, together with our passion for growing vines, encouraged us in 2009 to make our own wine, 4,000 bottles full of grapes, dreams and illusion.

We felt the need to experience for ourselves all the feelings of making a wine with the grapes in whose care we had put so much love.


Today we can feel our wines with all five senses, touch the clusters, listen to their fermentation, enjoy their aromas, see and taste our bottles at a table around a good motif.

But this has only just begun. The past pushes us and the future awaits us, with the illusion of working our vineyards every day respecting the environment with total integrity.

We look for 100% grape wine, starting from grapes with personality, produced as good viticulturists with love and respect for the environment that surrounds us.

We believe in innovation, that which gives us the necessary evolution in life.

And above all, we work to create and produce wines that invite you to enjoy.

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